How do we Operate?

As I'm sure you understand, we won't be disclosing all the technical details of our digital security methods, so as not to give thieves extra information.

At the moment we have 12 different methods of protection. Of these, four are in the development and testing stages and eight are fully applied in the operation of our server security.

Primarily these are invisible techniques that don't spoil the appearance of an image the same way a watermark can and are also immune to filters, photoshopping and other methods of removing copyright claims. For all honest subscribers, our images are effectively clean and without obscuring marks!

Without revealing technical details, let's talk a little about some types of tags we use:

- Each buyer receives a unique, individual copy of every page. It's impossible to forge and unique to identify!

Upon finding a copy we can run it through our system to get fast and accurate information of who received the unique picture, and when. We call this label the "A-type" security label.

Some of these unique details can be obscured by certain techniques that also badly damage the image. Beyond the fact that a distorted copy is impossible for a thief to monetize, we have other methods of digital labeling that are immune to these visual distortions that mean a thief won't go unfound!

- More complex types of labels (we call them "B-type") require detailed analysis of each image, more time than would be needed to create the image, to catch specific digital techniques we use to uniquely codify each page.

- Even if the 'B-type' back-up marks are found on a particular page removing them would take significant effort. Both A and B type formatting marks are impossible to forge. Counterfeiting another's tags requires a pixel-level search with over 60 trillion unique markers which could take months to divine.

Each user's unique information generates a complex algorithm that is factored into these formula, along with other significant marker back-ups (C and D Types). These algorithms are uniquely generated for each user and cycled over time.

Even the absence of such a mark on a picture, or placing another label somewhere on the image, is unlikely to prevent a thief from escaping unseen. With minute changes that do not match our securely stored "blank" copies it is very difficult to hide a mark. Even a partially obscured one may only narrow down to several accounts, where our rotating methodology means more than one or two images shared by the same user will quickly single them out.

- Even by expending ludicrous resources to purchase many accounts to try and break our code, our system has in place the ability to catch even spliced images using multiple customer contents and, at most, they might get away with a small delay whilst doctoring new content and our intense method of back-checking content would easily allow us to trace their steps and recover the markers via some of our additional security measures.

- At the same time, our methods of protection are constantly being improved as new ideas come to us and security systems are developed. Unexpected solutions are likely not to limit our effectiveness for long. A proverb we hold in high regard: a thief has to drink from our well, but we decide what we add to his mug with the water.

And, finally, a couple of words about how things work from the artist's side, when you decide to join us.

- At the maximum level of services: you simply create your content, name it and submit it with certain templates to maintain quality. Send this to us, even via a Telegram bot, and you're done! Within 24 hours the picture is published for your subscribers on our server. Subscription membership, managing payments and site security will happen automatically, with a slight delay. You can concentrate on your project and the art side of things!

Of course, in order for all this to work - you will need to configure certain sections and categories in your account on our server in advance, and agree on some rules that will be a public contract between you and your customers. A little work, which only needs to be done once. Notes to customers, private messages and other services are available!

At the moment, our service is in alpha test mode. This means that by the time we hit our beta test, some minor changes are possible to speed up the process. Details of rates for artist services and supporters will be made available when we contact you, and will be advertised when the site goes live for beta membership.

For the convenience of our clients, we will offer several packages of services at different rates so that each artist can choose what they feel is optimal. If you choose not to use our payment systems and the financial side of our website, and simply use the distribution services it will mean a reduced cost to you as less of our systems are utilized.

Customers who come to us at the alpha test stage will receive certain bonuses and additional opportunities that will not be available to everyone at the beta test stage and commercial launch of our project. One of these bonuses is a direct line of communication with the project team. Quick consultations, VIP-support, useful marketing tips and much, much more.

Contact Us to Join

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