Prices & Conditions

We are currently in the alpha test stage!

A final price list would be premature at this stage - we have to evaluate the strain on our services and wishes of our customers: both artists and supporters! For now we can only name a preliminary figure, which is 5% of your income through crowdfunding each month.

For this percentage, we will give you all the power of our security technology and our server space to host and share content. In the coming months we will be able to accept payments for you directly on our website. Currently we imagine the 5% fee will be inclusive of our direct payment services, but that may depend on any complications on the provider's end for this service.

The final figure will depend on a variety of factors such as server load, any prices associated with accepting or converting a particular currency or method of payment, and other similar unseen factors. For our part, we hope to minimize this percentage during alpha testing as we get a deeper understanding of the process.

* When we reach our commercial, live release a more complex formula for percentage may exist, depending upon services required, pages per month and subscriber numbers. In the future we will have a greater choice of tariffs.


In the case of you breaking the terms of our business agreement or (by action or inaction) creating a threat to our project - we reserve the right to terminate our business relationship unilaterally.

However, as noted in our mission statement there are few content concerns currently and any concerns about uncertainty in our contract terminology or changes to our policies will be open to discussion with you and, together, we will try to find a solution that will suit both sides.

Important: whilst our services offer near-flawless identification of art thieves, we cannot guarantee that someone will not share content distributed through our server. We can only aim provide you with reliable and high-quality digital tools for identifying the thief in the community of your customers and a secure place to discourage theft and expel threats to your business.

Our line on thieves is strict. No one pays for what is freely available in open access. In our opinion if you tolerate a thief - he will rob you every day. In the case of using our system, this robbery happens rarely and always has consequences without any shield of anonymity. The deterrence of this community of artists will only grow with its shared, loyal client base. We hold your project's security in highest regard and want it to grow!

We ask that you familiarize yourself with our mission statement under the About Us header! The form is here again, or you can use the one on the Our Mission page!

Currently we are in the alpha test stage and can't accept everyone at once to test our server. But we are looking to open to a few dozen artist projects currently. When making a decision we choose from such factors as:

- the level of your drawing skills.

- your desire for full-time drawing and time to dedicate to your project.

- the presence of a story line in your project.

- the number of submissions in your gallery and your experience and client base.

Using the box below, provide us with some information about yourself as well as a link to any existing art galleries. If you're chosen to be one of our alpha testers, you'll receive an invite from us via return email! Other inquiries will be sent an invitation to be a beta tester a little later, when we are ready to scale up our servers. We will definitely get in touch with everyone - just some a little earlier as we move through testing the server load!

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