Protect your work!

Any honest work is worth paying for! For a long time, artists have had no way to protect their work from theft. With PIXamor, we have developed reliable security tools to identify and expel art thieves from your community. We are here to help you earn money, and help you protect your right to sell your work!

Created by artists, for artists!

How was this project born? What will it become?

This project was created by artists looking for a way to protect themselves whilst using crowdfunding. Initially, we simply defended our right to sell our honest work at an honest price. There's been ups and downs... but now, our platform is able to protect us - we are pleased to offer our technology to you …

  • Peace of mind and comfort!

    Our ready-made solutions will save you from routine uploading, client management and security worries so you can concentrate on creating!

  • The power of community.

    With a general blacklist - the more of us there are, the harder it is to steal from us. Direct control for artists & customers! Discounts for early sign up!

  • Inevitable punishment.

    Our technology will allow you to always know exactly who stole your work and take action. ALWAYS!

  • Artist first policies!

    Many platforms sacrifice the interests of artists in pursuit of their own profit. Your content comes first, every time…

Caught, every time

Even if the thief distorts the image, changes the format, uses a texture, takes a picture of the screen with a mobile phone... even if the quality is ruined beyond visibility - catching them is inevitable with our system: every time!

Single black list

Each thief can steal only once. Global blacklisting protects all clients in the case of a single theft, no more profit-first forgiveness! For artists using our maximum level of identity protection - name change, bank change and even facial surgery will be needed for a thief to return.

Investing in prosecution

When our income reaches a certain level, we plan to set up a legal department that will prosecute all the thieves discovered. In the event that we get a return from damages - this amount will go right back to the injured artist!